From Guruji!

A Yogi’s Prayer

This beautiful prayer will help you to stay centred in love consciousness, with the intention of spreading that love to the whole world, thereby empowering all beings and helping to liberate the world from fear, illusion and suffering.


Source:<Structural Yoga Therapy: Adapting to the Individual

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Along your yoga journey, you will find yourself being transformed in many ways. In Western society, we tend to focus on the physical transformations that are made possible with yoga asana (postures), yet inner transformation through meditation is the ultimate goal of a yoga practice. Read more

If You Love A Flower

osho flower

Be You, Be Relaxed.

“Tension is what you think you should be. Relaxation is what you are.” – Chinese proverb

Yogic Weeding

“At the early stage, it seemed to be a limbering process, but later I found that I am not only digging into the body but my intelligence too. This penetration removed the weeds that were in my body and made my mind fertile to penetrate deeper.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

Grace, Ease And Lightness

Wei Wu Wei Speaks

Why are you unhappy?

Because 99.9 per cent

Of everything you think,

And of everything you do,

Is for yourself —

And there isn’t one.

— Ask The Awakened, Wei Wu Wei* Read more

Osho – “It all depends on you.”

Osho on the illumined mind

“The moment you are illuminated, the whole of existence is illuminated. If you are dark, the whole of existence is dark. It depends on you. There are a thousand and one fallacies about meditation prevalent all around the world. Meditation is very simple. It is nothing but consciousness. It is not chanting, it is not a mantra or a rosary. These are hypnotic methods. They can give you a certain kind of rest – nothing is wrong with that rest; if one is just trying to relax, it is perfectly good. Any hypnotic method can be helpful, but if one wants to know the truth, then it is not enough. Read more