Easy Karma Yoga in downtown Calgary!


Join me at The Home Of Om in Downtown Calgary’s Mission community for easy karma yoga classes 3x/week. Easy Yoga for Lightworkers at The Home Of Om combines yoga with other healing arts including tibetan singing bowls, chanting, interaction with spirit guides, crystal healing, acupressure, and more to help restore balance and vitality to the sensitive souls of this world.

Lightworkers are people whose life mission involves shining the light of consciousness into the dark recesses of the universe. Often times, lightworkers are also empaths. An empath is a person who absorbs the energies of the environment and feels what others are feeling. Lightworkers and empaths have big hearts but can become mentally overwhelmed and emotionally drained from processing so many feelings and impressions. It is crucial for lightworkers and empaths to learn how to work with the pure cosmic light that we yogis call prana.

Whether you are a lightworker, an empath, or just a person looking to enjoy a bit of easy stretching and inner exploration, you will leave feeling refreshed, centered, and connected to your inner knowing. These classes are suitable for people with any level of experience. The movements are slow and deliberate, emphasizing safety and healthy alignment patterns. If you think you’re too stiff or clumsy for yoga, you are especially encouraged to join! 

  • Classes are suitable for all levels, from beginner through to advanced. All are welcome!
  • These are KARMA CLASSES. Pay whatever you wish to pay. (Recommended price range $0.00 – $20.00)
  • Please bring your own yoga mat (limited extra mats available), a water bottle (not made from glass), and comfortable clothing.
  • Aim to arrive 15 min early to allow time for settling in.
  • Other yogis may be meditating when you arrive. Please be as courteous as possible.

Every class is different! For details of each upcoming class, check out the calendar below.


2312 4 St SW #3, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2

Plenty of FREE PARKING on 1st St., 2nd St., 5th St., etc. Free parking on 4th St on Sundays until 5pm. Paid parking in small parking lot out front and along 23rd Ave., 24th Ave., 25th Ave., etc.